Image Boxes

Image box widget uses the ACF Image field and works the same as the default Elementor Image box widget except it only shows ACF Image fields.


You find it easiest by searching for ACF Image in the Elementor Search Widget …  field:

Elementor search widget field

Drag the following widget icon into your section to add the widget.


The widget has 4 dropdowns that displays the corresponding ACF fields.

  • Choose image lists image fields.
  • Title lists text fields.
  • Content lists textarea and wysiqyg fields.
  • Link to lists URL and text fields.
You can select both fields from the current page and any detected fields from ACF option pages.



You can style some basic image features: spacing, size, opacity and animation.


The text content can be styled using the standard settings spacing, color and typography.

Updated on 2020-06-15

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