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Repeating backgrounds with templates

The Advanced Elements plugin supports using images from repeater fields as backgrounds for both sections and columns. This functionality is available only on Elementor templates.

There are two methods that you can use to get repeating background images.

  1. Using the repeating image dynamic tag
  2. Using the new “Repeating background” section in the “Section” and “Column” style tabs.

Repeating background image with dynamic tag

Using the repeating image dynamic tag with background images is a bit tricky. Due to how Elementor handles background images you need to click “Override Elementor default” so it says yes.

Click switcher so it says yes.

The drawback with the dynamic tags method is that the background image of the first repeater item is added to the Elementor generated CSS-file. This is then the standard background image on all repeated sections or columns. Enabling the override does what the setting says, it overrides the Elementor generated CSS code so the correct background image is shown.

Setting background image in the widgets



Repeating background image with new control on the Style tab

Select an image field in the repeater field dropdown to enable more features.

The background settings are the same as the standard Elementor background settings.
Updated on 2019-09-15

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