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Using the add-on

Display Conditions is a pretty simple add-on. It provides you with a new section on the Advanced tab on the Section widget/element in Elementor.

Pressing add item gives you a form where you configure your conditions. Display Conditions primarily uses dynamic tags to handle the conditions.

Conditional Dynamic Tags

The initial release only have 2 dynamic tags, Empty and Date. But you can do some trickery to handle other scenarios since you can compare field with various other values.


Only show if visitor is logged in

To hide a section for visitors that are not logged in you use the Elementor User Info tag with the ID value. Then select “IS NOT” operator and value should be the dynamic tag “Empty”.

Only show if ACF value exists

Only show the section if the ACF Relationship field is not empty.

(The ACF Relationship dynamic tag is part of Advanced Elements version 1.5.)

Only show if is Post is newer than date

Only show the section if the posts publication date, i.e Post Date, is not older than a week. You need to set the Post Date as Post published and format as year-month-day.

Updated on 2020-06-25

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