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Archive/Posts widget – Taxonomy section

The taxonomy section in the Archive and Posts widget makes it possible to configure queries based on taxonomies either predefined or dynamic using query parameters.


You can select how you want the criteria to be evaluated, using AND or OR.

Taxonomy item

Select from the available taxonomies in the Taxonomy dropdown.

You also need to select which value part/field type of the taxonomy that should be used.

You can choose from

  • Term ID
  • Term Taxonomy ID
  • Name
  • Slug

Field source can be either defined or query parameter. If you choose defined you need to select/enter the taxonomy terms manually. If you select query parameter you need to enter the name of the query parameter to use. Query Parameter is the same as the key in a query string.


In this example you can see that the taxonomy Specialities is selected, the value to use is term taxonomy id and it should be selected based on the query parameter “specialitities”. No default value has been entered.

Updated on 2020-08-03

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