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Backward breaking changes in version 1.0

The 1.0 release of Advanced Elements comes with a few potentially backward compatibility breaking changes. This is due to changes on which values are stored with the widgets. Previous versions had the first detected ACF field as the default in the widget controls. The 1.0 release adds a new value ‘None’ as the default value. This is so the selected ACF field is actually stored in the database since Elementor as quite correctly do not store default values. This change was required in order to improve the support of using the Advanced Elements widgets in Elementor templates and Repeater with template widget and other scenarios.

Deprecation notification

The plugin shows a admin notification if it can detect deprecated widgets, that is widgets that will no longer be updated. If widgets are detected it automatically enables backward compatibility mode.

Enable backward compatibility mode manually

If you are using the Goose Studio Settings plugin you can enable backward compatibility mode in the “Settings” on tab “Other”. If it is already enabled you will be notified on the page.

If you are not using the Goose Studio Settings plugin you will need to add define( ‘GS_AE_BACKWARDS’, true ); to the wp-config.php or similar.

Deprecated functionality

The 1.0 release deprecates a few widget and dynamic tags. All widgets and tags now support option page fields by default so no separate option page widget or option page dynamic tag is required.

You can now select option page fields from the ACF field drop down in all the widgets.

Deprecated Widgets

The following widgets are deprecated:

  • ACF Text – Option Page – Replaced by ACF Text
  • ACF Html Field – Option Page – Replaced by ACF HTML
  • ACF Repeater Field – Option Page – Replaced by ACF Repeater List
  • ACF Video Field – Option page – Replaced by ACF Video

The following single page widget has also been deprecated due to performance issues:

  • ACF Repeater Field – Single – Replaced by ACF Repeater List

Deprecated dynamic tags

The following tags are deprecated:

  • ACF Option Image – Replaced by ACF Image
  • ACF Option Text – Replaced by ACF Text
  • ACF Option URL – Replaced by ACF URL
  • ACF Option Video – Replaced by ACF Video
Updated on 2019-10-16

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